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Our Story

Who We Are

Walla Walla Valley Academy was established in 1886 and has been a pillar in the Walla Walla Valley ever since. Since its creation, WWVA has graduated hundreds of students who have gone on to positively impact their community and the world. 

WWVA was created with the intention of providing an Adventist education centered on cultivating young people's love for learning, commitment to community and most importantly—inspiring a love of Christ and following his will. 

We would love to welcome your student to the Knight family!

Our Mission

Empowering Students for Christ

Spiritual Awakening

Ephesians 5:14

The core of our mission is for our campus to be fully awake so Christ will shine on and through us. Then we can share the story of Jesus to all.


Academic Distinction

Colossians 3:23-24

We know God has given each of us incredible talents. Those talents can be academic accomplishment, creativity in the arts or physical ability. We celebrate those talents while giving glory to Jesus for creating each one!

Teamwork and Collaboration

Ecclesiastes 4: 9-12

We are a community of collaborators to accomplish great things! This Biblical principle is also an essential life skill which we practice each day.


Community Connection and Service

1 Peter 4:10

We value connecting with, and serving, our community. We look for ways to put our service mission into practice in our world.

Culture of Gratitude

Psalm 118:24

Jesus gave everything, His life, for us! Because of this we believe the only appropriate response is extreme gratitude. It infuses our everyday interactions with each other in the classroom, hall ways, athletic courts, everywhere!

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