Small Class Sizes

Receive and individualized educational experience.

Stand Out

In a small school you have the opportunity to stand out, to be a leader and to be a member of a team.

Christ Centered

Learn in a God-centered environment.

Grow as a Whole

Experience a holistic education—ranging from photography to husbandry classes, music to sports groups, student leadership to advanced placement classes.

First Time Students—How to Apply

Come Join Us

Come Visit our Campus

We'd love to give you a tour of WWVA and talk about you're looking for. To visit call 509-525-1050 or click the button below to email and schedule your visit.

Apply Online

To apply online, click the button below. We can't wait to welcome your student to our campus!

Learn More

To learn more about our campus you can visit other areas our website, call 509-525-1050 for more information or visit us on Facebook! Click below for more information.

Return Students—Reapply

We're glad you're back!