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Learning and Exploring


Science Courses

Learning the How and the Why

Project-based and experiential learning are encouraged in all classrooms across our school and, Science Courses are no exception. We believe in letting students explore each subject matter in a way that makes a lasting impact. We offer Environmental Science, Chemistry, Earth Science and Agriculture and even Homesteading!

Language Classes

Building for the Future

Our Language Classes provide a valuable opportunity for our students to learn in a vibrant, supportive and dynamic class setting, while fostering the flexibility to focus on whatever area most interests them. We offer English 1, English 2, World Literature, College Writing, College Writing, Film Literature 1 and 2, and American Literature.

Religious Studies

Long-Term Relationships

Our curriculum covers the entire spectrum of a complete education, which of course includes Religious Studies while encouraging students to have an individual relationship with God. We offer Bible Encounter classes based on each grade to help foster an understanding of the Bible, giving our students a chance to better understand the character of Christ.


Life Skills

Holistic Learning

Our goal at WWVA is to not only prepare them for their next academic step, but for life in general. That is why we include life skill classes into our program, giving our students the chance to prepare for adulthood. We offer Auto Mechanics, World Foods and Personal Finance for whatever their next step will bring them.


Life-Long Lessons

We believe that the best education is incorporated with lessons on how to live a long and healthy life. To aid in this desire, we offer Weight Training, Physical Education Courses and Introduction to Health.

The Arts

Cultivating Creativity

Our curriculum covers the entire spectrum of a complete education, including an assortment of the arts. We offer Art, Drama, Publications, Band, Choir and Orchestra.

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