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Financial Information

An Investment Into the Future

Tuition Rate

The Value of WWVA

The approved tuition rate for the 2023-2024 school year is $11,850.


However, there are multiple resources that many students take advantage of including church scholarships, church work matches, educational subsidy, WWVA scholarships, student employment and many other opportunities so it's important to note that the average student actually pays $5,580 per year, almost a third of what the actual cost is.


The Registration Timeline

Registration fees are priced differently depending on when you register:

  • Early Registration (March1-March 31): $200

  • Regular Registration (April1-June 3): $250

  • Summer Registration (June 4-beginning of 2023-2024 school year, or until classes fill up): $275

A Closer Look

At WWVA Tuition

How much does tuition really cost to educate a student at WWVA? 

The actual cost to the school is $14,728 per student.


How do we make up the difference? 

While tuition income is a significant portion of our annual budget, WWVA also receives subsidy dollars from the Upper Columbia Conference, the North Pacific Union, and our eight constituent churches. Without the sponsorships from these entities, all student tuition rates would be significantly higher.

What is the biggest impacts on the tuition rate?

Due to moderate teacher raises and considerable medical coverage hikes, the cost per teacher has gone up by 8.5 percent. We can all agree that WWVA would not be what it is without our excellent teaching staff so we are happy to support these raises. We wish we could pay them more! However, even though teacher costs are going up by 8.5%, the WWVA Finance Committee did a lot of hard work to make sure that tuition raises stayed under 5% for the 2023-2024 school year. 

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