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Valley Adventist Schools FAQ

On April 17, 2023, the combined constituencies of Rogers Adventist School and Walla Walla Valley Academy voted to merge into the K-12 school system of Walla Walla Valley Adventist Schools.

We understand that this transition will take some time and that you might have questions. That is why we have compiled a FAQ sheet to help provide some much needed clarity.

Thank you for continued care and prayers for our school system. 

What was the process in making this decision? Who was involved?

After many years of conversation around the benefits of a K-12 collaboration, both the Rogers and WWVA boards voted, separately, on May 3 of 2022 to give study to the details, benefits, and logistics of a combined school system. 


The boards assigned a task force made up of individuals from both boards, the Upper Columbia Conference, Walla Walla University, and Rogers and WWVA faculty. This taskforce was assigned one year to research and present a recommendation back to the boards.


The task force evaluated church subsidy and approval, school subsidy from the Upper Columbia Conference, board governance, branding and naming. The task force met with seven different focus groups: area pastors, WWVA staff, Rogers staff, WWVA students, Rogers students, and two different groups of WWVA/Rogers parents and alumni. These focus groups helped inform the future direction of the taskforce.


On February 21, 2023, the taskforce presented their findings to both, separate, school boards, along with their recommendation to pursue the K-12 collaboration named Walla Walla Valley Adventist Schools. Both boards unanimously accepted that recommendation and voted to send the final decision to the joint constituencies of both schools.


On April 18, 2023, members of the joint constituency met and heard the report and recommendation from the boards. All constituent churches were represented including College Place Spanish, City Church, Eastgate Church, Milton Church, Stateline Church, Touchet/Umapine, University Church, Village Church, and Walla Walla Spanish.


The constituency voted with a 90% positivity rate to formally merge Rogers Adventist School and Walla Walla Valley Academy into the K-12 system named Walla Walla Valley Adventist Schools, effective July 1, 2023.

What are the benefits of this collaboration?

Academically, Spiritually, Fiscally, Socially, Logistically, Professionally


Academically: Students maintain their current strong academic programs, but with options for collaborations in music, athletics, math, drama, and more. 


Spiritually: One combined spiritual plan strategically engages all students in age- appropriate worships, service, study, and connection. Weekly, students will continue with their separate programming, but quarterly there will be shared opportunities for spiritual growth K-12.


Fiscally: A combined budget and K-12 subsidy structure provides continued financial longevity for both campuses. Sharing resources makes sense and streamlines operations.


Socially: Establishing meaningful connections with teachers and students builds life-long relationships and continued matriculation between campuses. K-12 picnics and events promote connections, but there will be continued prioritization of grade- level relationships.


Logistically: From one consistent application and registration process, to joint calendars and schedules, officially working together with one shared goal is a better experience for the student, parent, and teacher. Shared transportation, joint events, and financial scholarship packages are just a couple of ways that we can work together smarter.


Professionally: All K-12 teachers working together toward one strategic plan strengthens student success. From curriculum to professional growth, one team with one goal makes both campuses stronger.

What are the negative aspects of this collaboration?

Change is hard. Growth and innovation can be controversial or painful. It can be challenging for individuals historically connected to one or the other of these schools to consider new modifications or adjustments to their traditional memories and expectations.

What will be changing?

The new Walla Walla Valley Adventist Schools logo is a brand statement for the K-12 system. Schedules and calendars will change for efficiency and stronger communication. Teachers may teach different classes than they’ve historically taught. Policies will be edited and streamlined. Events may be broadened or combined.

What will stay the same?

Both schools will retain their elementary and and secondary identities and programs. The Rogers athletic teams are still the Chargers. The WWVA athletic teams are still the Knights.


Both campuses retain their focus on high quality, Christian education. Both campuses retain their caring, committed teachers.

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