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Once an Knight, Always a Knight


Since WWVA's founding in 1886, WWVA's graduated over 5,000 students who have gone on to accomplish amazing things. To stay up to date on WWVA's happenings, reconnect with old friends and to become involved on our campus look below!


Alumni Weekend

October 20-22, 2023

Alumni Weekend 2022 is in the past, but we are already looking to the future! Alumni Weekend 2022 was a huge success, and we are already counting down the days until our next weekend together. It is one of our goals this year to better serve and connect our alumni. That is why we have already started letting people know about Alumni Weekend for next year—we hope to see as many members of our WWVA community present as possible, and that includes you!



Support our School

As someone who has attended WWVA, you know the reality of the private, Adventist education. There is always a student in need, a mission trip to be funded and an update to be made to our well-loved school. This year, our Alumni have committed to helping us raise funds to update our auditorium. To help us reach our goal, click on the button below.  



Utilize Your Gifts for Good

We are always looking for committed volunteers who can be great examples to our students, and who better than another Knight! We would love welcome you to our helpful community of volunteers.


To learn more about our areas of need, please all 509-525-1050. 


Contact Info

Support our School

We'd love to stay connected to you though every stage of your life. If you've moved, changed your phone or email, or can think of a better way for us to contact you, update your contact info at the button on the left. Thank you for staying in touch!

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