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Communications Checklist

Stay Connected


Are you plugged in to all the ways you can get ongoing information about what is happening here at WWVA?

Your MyWWVA Account:

The account you used to enroll your student also keeps you in the loop regarding your student’s grades and campus behavior. Click here to sign in to your account. If you need help logging in, please call our office.

FACTS Parent Alert:

When we need to get information to your right away. Parent Alert sends you a text with all the info you need to keep informed.


Our Facebook page is a good way to keep in the loop about events and everyday life at WWVA. We encourage you to share that information with your friends, family, and church! In addition, you can find a list of other Facebook groups associated with the school here.

Principal’s Weekly Email:

Each week, you should be receiving an email from Mr. Borges. This email highlights upcoming events, deadlines, and opportunities. Check your junk mail folder first, if you are not receiving it. However, if you don’t believe you have, please contact Dena Garrett at and she will make sure you are on our list. You may also find that you receive informational emails about schedules, closures, and other activities.

Monthly, Quarterly, and Special Event Emails:

We publish long-form, graphic emails that cover more in-depth ideas from many of our departments from time to time. If you are not receiving them, please check your junk mail folder. If you are not, please contact Dena Garrett at and she will make sure you are on our list.

Grade and attendance report:

You should be receiving regular grade updates and attendance reports on Sunday, or when your student is absent or tardy. If you are not, please email our receptionist at to let her know. In addition, you may excuse any absence or tardy your student has as well, by emailing our attendance officer or contact Dena Garrett directly at

It is our goal to make sure that you can find information when you need it! If there is something else that would be helpful, please don’t hesitate to email Dena Garrett at

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