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Alumni Weekend 2024

October 18 - 19

We can't wait for Alumni Weekend. Register below:

2024 Honor Years

We will be honoring the following graduating classes:

10 years: 2014

20 years: 2004

25 years:1999

30 years: 1994

40 years: 1984

50 years: 1974

Vanguards: anyone from 1973 and before

Look Who's Gonna Be There!

Class of 2018

Kristian Busby

Class of 2014

Branden Tewell and Dustin Fetroe

Class of 2006

Melissa Ringering Rhoades

Class of 2004

John Foster, Jon Tillay, Jilian Williams, D Ross Jensen, Maranda Norton, John "Gavin" Greenwalt

Class of 1994

Ranelle Erickson and Tyler Kruger

Class of 1984

Tammy Fowler

Class of 1974

Janice Enquist and Michelle Cummings

Class of 1964

Jeanne Sudduth


Roland Smith, Bob Bohlman, Shorna Norling, Ashley Astorga

Unlisted Class

John and Selma Wolfswinkel

Jane Hinton

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