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What People are Saying


We love to hear from our students and their families on how WWVA has impacted their lives. See what our community is saying about us below! 

"As I've grown up and graduated from WWVA, looking back I realize how great of an academic experience those four years were for me. Thanks to WWVA I was well prepared for college, made life-long friends and have memories I'll cherish forever."

-Josie B, Class of 2015

"WWVA greatly prepared me for moving into the collegiate environment with high expectations, and the ability to take college classes at WWU next door." 

-Emma W, Class of 2015


"Going to WWVA was such an amazing experience for me! My teachers were so fun and personable. The atmosphere at WWVA was very good and I am able to look back on high school very fondly." 

-Annalee E, Class of 2016

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