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Semester Finals


Final exams are given at the end of each semester. Since the exams typically require more time than a regular class period allows, periods during finals are lengthened and split over three days. Students are required to attend periods for which they have final exams, but they do not need to attend school during free periods. Below is the test schedule for 2nd Semester Finals.  

Exam Schedule 2nd Semester 2023 Full.jpg

Schedule Notes:

Hot Lunch will not be provided.  Please make sure to make appropriate arrangements.  

If you have a Freshman/Sophomore student whom you would like to be able to leave campus during lunch please follow the link below and return this permission form to the front office (paper copies are also available in the office).


Students are not required to arrive at school until their first exam of the day but may arrive during normal school hours and study in the library. 

If a student leaves campus, they must sign out at the front office.


Do you have any questions? Please talk to or email Mr. Borges at


Exam Permits & Zero Balance


  • You must be cleared financially to receive an Exam Permit to take semester exams. 

  • If your account is up-to-date, you do not need to do anything.  

  • Unpaid tuition, other fees (sports, dual credit classes, trips, etc.), hot lunch balances, fines, outstanding library books, or missing athletic uniforms may prevent you from receiving your Exam Permit. 

  • Mrs. Garrett will send out an email to those who owe money for tuition or fees, who have a lunch balance, library books due, athletic uniforms that need to be turned in, and/or any other incidental that would prevent them from getting your permit. 

  • Mrs. Garrett will email your student's school email with their Exam Permit by the evening of May 29th if their account is cleared.

Please make sure that you are cleared before Tuesday, May 30th .


Questions?  Please talk to or email Mrs. Ellis at or Mrs. Garrett at


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