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Open House for Mr. Perrin

Many of you may not have heard that Mr. Perrin will be leaving WWVA this coming Friday to pursue another path. He will be missed by so many. Please join us Tuesday evening, January 11, 2022, from 5-7 pm in WWVA’s main lobby for an open house to say goodbye. It will be an informal […]

Service Day

We are excited to say that WWVA students were able to participate in another service day, where they were able to bless those in the community around them. Starting off students were invited for a pancake breakfast, where they “broke bread” together before heading off to serve others. Different groups went to various places, where […]

Going to State

Congratulations to our varsity team, who played amazing this season! We are excited that you are getting the opportunity to go to state, what a big accomplishment. WWVA is so proud of all the hard work you’ve done ladies, and we will be cheering you on as you go to state. We will miss our […]


Last week during chapel WWVA students got to take part in a very special spiritual experience, communion. WWVA loves creating opportunities for our students to meditate on God, and reflect over what He has done for us. Communion is a reminder for us of the price God paid so that we could spend eternity with […]

Projects in Physics

Mrs. Toelke’s physics class has had the opportunity to take part in the Andrew’s SciFest. Starting last week, they’ve been having fun trying to construct different challenging projects. One of the tasks they were working on was a cardboard car powered by rubber bands, and the goal was to make it go 10 feet. This […]