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WWVA Picnic

Last Friday all WWVA’s students got to enjoy a memorable day at Rook’s Park! Starting out with some fierce games of tug of war, progressing into hilarious ice block relays, and then moving into rounds of capture the flag, which the freshman won. Not to be forgotten, at the end there was a watermelon eating […]

Yearly Handshake

This was a big week for all of our returning and new WWVA students with school year beginning. Plus our enrollment is up-145 students! To start off the year WWVA did the traditional handshake, where all the students get to know each other better. They also got to play some fun team games.

Fixing up the Lodge

Wally’s Crew has been a huge help up at the WWVA lodge. They’ve made several trips up there, and worked hard hauling wood, picking up debris, clearing the meadow for tent sites, and sprucing up the lodge property.

Lots Of Painting!

A fresh paint job was needed on the outside of the WWVA building, but before, right at the end of the school year, the art kids took advantage, and spray painted on the building’s wall. Wally’s Crew then applied new paint this summer!

Summer Projects

Wally’s crew has been hard at work this summer. Landscaping, painting, and cleaning are just a few things they’ve accomplished. We’re proud of the WWVA kids work ethic, keep it up!