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Mr. Ed Shinner was a big part of WWVA. He loved to help others and it was his mission to help as many kids attend WWVA as possible. Mr. Shinner was a friend to all, loved Adventist Education, and most of all, he loved his family (Sammy and Janice).

We are incredibly sad to learn of his passing as he will be so dearly missed by our community, but especially by his WWVA family. In honor of Ed we have set up a fundraiser to help raise the funds for even more kids to have the opportunity to attend WWVA and become a part of our family. We know how much Ed would have loved to see this.

Above is a picture of our giving thermometer. As money becomes donated, we will update the thermometer accordingly. #GiveLikeEd

Mr. Shinner’s memorial service will be held on Saturday, January 16, 2021 at 5:00pm in the Milton-Freewater Drive-In Theater. For those who are unable to attend, please see the following link for the live stream.

Click here for live stream.


Ed was a remarkably generous man. Help extend the #GiveLikeEd legacy:

  • Make an Impact in Your Community.  Every morning, Ed woke up and thought ‘who can I help today?’.  And we saw how he impacted us emotionally, spiritually, and financially. Challenge yourself, your friends, and community to do the same!

  • #GiveLikeEd Shinner Memorial Scholarship Fund @ WWVA.  A passion for Ed was ‘bridging the tuition gap’ for WWVA students.  For the 2020-21 school year, Ed provided financial assistance for 12 students!  And in past years, Ed sponsored any students that needed help getting to WWVA’s annual Bible Camp.  We’re raising $200,000 to establish a permanent scholarship fund in Ed’s name, that will round off a small balance for this year & ensure Ed’s generosity to help w/ tuition – and WWVA Bible Camp – lives on each year.  We’re already on our way with $10,000 for this non-profit fund.  Visit www.wwva.org for fundraising details; donations online or at the WWVA business office.

  • Ed Shinner Family Assistance Fund.  There are countless examples where Ed helped families and individuals.  This fund was established by community members to help Ed’s immediate family, in the way that he gave to others, with any short to mid-term needs.  Stop by any Baker Boyer Bank to make a contribution; provide the teller account # 38298014; if donating through your bank include routing # 123300153.

  • Walla Walla Valley Thrift Store.  Ed saw an opportunity to buy a thrift store, and established it as a non-profit employer of WWVA students.  This year, the store employs 7 WWVA students – contributing toward their tuition.  Janice is continuing her husband’s legacy.  Visit the Walla Walla Valley Thrift Store at 918 S Main St, Milton-Freewater OR to shop or donate gently used merch.  Store hours are Mon-Thu 10am-6pm.  Questions –  call manager Shirley @ 360-481-5263.