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Meet Cliff Dolph

English Teacher, ESL Director and Drama Teacher


Mr. Dolph earned a BA in English and history at Walla Walla University, then later an MA in English from UC Irvine. He has been teaching for 28 years, spending 18 of them at WWVA. Mr. Dolph enjoys teaching English at WWVA, with his favorite parts being the process of planning classes, but especially enjoys finding out about students' lives and thoughts. 

Mr. Dolph chooses to teach at an Adventist school because, "It allows us to include God in discussions on various topics" and believes that Adventist education allows for a "broader education." Mr. Dolph has lived in Salem, OR (where he grew up), and Wenatchee (were he taught for eight years), but he enjoys living in this Valley and loves to contribute to WWVA's long legacy of academic excellence. While Mr. Dolph enjoys many aspects of WWVA but as WWVA's Drama Teacher, he particularly loves seeing the hard work of students pay of during the school play. 

In his spare time, he enjoys traveling, reading, cycling and making, or listening to music. He loves spending time with his wife, their adult child, two cants and their one slobbery dog. 

WWVA is continually blessed by Mr. Dolph's creativity and his commitment to his craft! Thank you Mr. Dolph for making our campus a better place!

Contact Mr. Dolph

509-525-1050 EXT 219 

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