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Departments and Faculty

Bible Department

The WWVA Bible Department faculty  focus on providing students with the opportunity to grow closer to Jesus and to enhance their critical study of God’s Word. Our faculty focuses on Discipleship and being thinkers, not mere reflectors of the Word.

Business Department

The WWVA Business Department faculty focus on developing business-focused computer and project management skills from idea through implementation and return on investment. In addition, students explore techniques for personal finance success and asset management.

English Department

The WWVA English Department faculty focus on honing reading comprehension, writing and editing skills, and above all developing critical thinking and creativity in relationship to the written word. We also offer a robust ESL program providing international students with the opportunity to learn English and US Culture.

History Department

The WWVA History Department faculty focus on mentoring students to do history, rather than just learn it. Research skills, community service, personal connections, and summarization are all emphasized.

Industrial Technology Department

The WWVA Industrial Technology Department faculty  focus on exposing students to design processes and the use of tools appropriate to these technology-centered times. Effective practices and procedures are emphasized.

Languages Department

The WWVA Languages Department faculty focus on immersing a student in a foreign language by hearing, reading and speaking the language every class period. Interactions with native speakers, and understanding of the culture surrounding the language are emphasized.

Math Department

The WWVA Math Department faculty focus on expanding each student’s math comprehension, problem solving and logical thinking. We also seek to provide a deeper understanding of math to encourage students to continue independent exploration.

Music Department

The WWVA Music Department faculty focus on building music skills and techniques, and an appreciation for the results of hard work, creativity and practice. Teamwork and professionalism are emphasized.

Physical Education and Athletics

The WWVA Physical Education Department, and Athletics Program faculty and coaches,  focus on encouraging robust health and activity. The principals of discipleship, teamwork and collaboration, healthy competition, practice and professionalism are emphasized.

Resource Program

The WWVA Resource program faculty  focus on assisting students with learning challenges. Students are assessed before being admitted into this program and improvement of study, learning and organizational skills are emphasized.

Science Department

The WWVA Science Department faculty focus on developing a love for science and the process of scientific method in our students. Lab and Lab processes, the complexity and wonder of our world, and rigorous study are emphasized.