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Delphian Ad Specifications

Delphian Ad Information

Size Dimensions   Cost   Cost with design assistance
1/4 page 5” high by 3 ¾” wide   $80   $90
1/2 page 5” high by 7 ½” wide   $160   $180
Full page 9 ½” high by 7 ½” wide   $300   $340

The deadline is February 29. If the yearbook staff is designing the ad, you will need to get us pictures (e-mail or hard copy) and a message by emailing dolpcl@wwva.org.


Senior Personality Pictures

The yearbook will need a recent picture of each senior. This could be a formal senior portrait, or it could be a casual shot that shows an interest/hobby of the student. We might also need a baby picture of each senior (it’s too early in the year to know whether we will use those or not). You can get these pictures to us in hard copy or by e-mail dolpcl@wwva.org. Please do so by the beginning of March.