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8/21: Join us for the Solar Eclipse!

Solar Eclipse

One of the biggest astronomy events in recent history will take place on August 21, our first day of school.  The last time a total solar eclipse was visible to the continental United States was way back in 1979 – long before you (and some of your teachers) were born! Observing this year’s solar eclipse is exciting to witness, as the moon moves in front of, and completely blocks, the sun and its surrounding area, also known as its corona – there are a few things to know before viewing this extraordinary event.

Be Safe

It might not seem to be a big deal, but the solar eclipse can be dangerous and you’re going to need a bit more than sunscreen and sunglasses to stay safe. Looking directly at the sun is always risky, but during a solar eclipse, the dangers increase and could result in burned retinas. Special certified solar eclipse glasses (we have plenty here at school for everyone) are necessary to safely view the sun during this time.


While the eclipse will last for a few hours, the totality is visible for only minutes.  The timing of the total eclipse in our location will be at 10:25 a.m.  We will be planning on viewing the eclipse together on WWVA’s backyard.  Parents are welcome to join us as well (10:15 a.m.).